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25 Year Environment Plan

In 2018, the 25 Year Environment Plan (25YEP) set out the government’s vision for a quarter-of-a-century of action to help the natural world regain and retain good health. Regular reports have been published on progress.

The Outcome Indicator Framework describes indicators of environmental change that relates to the 10 goals in the 25 Year Environment Plan, and progress against these is published annually.

The Environmental Improvement Plan (EIP) 2023 for England is the first revision of the 25YEP. It builds on the 25YEP with a new plan setting out how government will work with landowners, communities and businesses to deliver each of the goals for improving the environment, matched with interim targets to measure progress. This includes plans for delivering the Clean Air goal. Interim targets were set within the EIP as stepping stones on the way to delivering the long-term Environment Act targets. For the PM2.5 targets these are an annual mean concentration target of 12µg.m-3 and a population exposure reduction target of 22% compared to 2018; both to be met by January 2028.

Progress on the targets and the actions taken to reach them is reported on annually, and the targets reviewed at least every five years.

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